Shannon Marie Hickman

image03Puer Natus @ Alchemy Gallery

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image01Detail of tiles

Puer Natus moss/wool

Puer Natus, which means “Pure Child” in Latin, is the state of innocent enthusiasm, untouched by the harried world. This exhibition strives to capture a time when we could perceive the world about us with astonishment. The way small children move through the world finding delight in every stick and rock they come across.

Now, if I say the word “moss,” what comes to mind? There is a survivability that is inherent in moss. It has an ability to survive in spite of the circumstance in which it is placed. This exploration of moss is a study of resilience and effects on our perceptions through recontextualization. In the Suspension series, I set the initial constraints with the intention of directing future growth patterns. How it will react? Only time will tell. A second quality that came to my attention during this exploration, the mind transforms the microscopic view of the moss into the macro landscape. They become diminutive archipelagos complete with forest and sandy beaches. Both directions allow a closer look into subtleties of color and myriad of textures drawing you to a childlike wonder of the miraculous world we have overlooked.

image02Detail of moss tile image03Suspension wall hanging image01Detail of Suspension

Painting watercolors & all

In painting, I'm striving for something beyond the expectation of the medium; testing the limits of color intensity and contrast. The moodiness of Goya astounds me, the way his little dog peeks over the hill. My paintings offer a glimpse of the stained glass windows that I encountered in Amsterdam. In other pieces, I try to capture the haunting glow of the neon sign that sat a top my studio during my nights in Paris. Not forcing a scene to fit my need but finding them as they occur in nature. My intention is to preserve a moment through implied energy of the brush stroke and the emotional value that we attach to hue and intensity.

image02Stained glass in Amsterdam image03Night view #1 image01Night view #2 image02Distraction image02Faux amie image03Self portrait Grapite&Charcoal